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The Purpose of Emmaus

The purpose of Emmaus is the renewal of the Church as the body of the risen Christ in the world through the renewal of church members as faithful and committed disciples of Jesus Christ. Emmaus expands participants' spiritual lives, deepens their discipleship, and rekindles their gifts as Christian leaders in their churches and communities. These aims are accomplished not only during the three-day Emmaus Walk, but also through participation in group reunions and community Gatherings, sponsorship and support of Walks, and service on teams. Persons whose spiritual lives are renewed and strengthened through Emmaus are called to share the grace they receive in their community and to be leavening influences in their local churches. The purpose of Emmaus is not fully realised during the three days of the event itself, but, rather, in the Fourth Day

Our Emmaus community is based in the Great Southern area of Western Australia.  We are unique in that our area stretches from the West Coast to Esperance, from Albany on the South coast north to the Geraldton area.   Our 5 Gatherings a year are held in different centres over the lower part of the state. Our Board meetings commence at 10am on the day of the Gathering to save extra travelling in this vast area.

Many in our community were originally part of Perth Community as we walked in Perth before Great Southern was developed.  We also have a close relationship with Perth and walk teams include Perth community members to keep the link connected.

Wayne Barnett writes on his experience of the first walks in Katanning:

I was fortunate to be asked to go on team for the 1st Emmaus walk in Katanning in 2002. The first walk was actually walk No21 of the Perth Emmaus Community. It was decided to hold it in Katanning as a trial walk for the proposed new community, The Great Southern Community.
Over the previous years, many Pilgrims had travelled from far and wide to experience the Emmaus walk in Baldivis and Katanning was chosen for the new community to try and alleviate the tyranny of distance.
Kobeelya, a beautiful old girls hostel in Katanning, was chosen and whilst very cold in September, proved to be perfect. All the facilities were large enough for the teams with the Large house sleeping approx 70 people. An excellent kitchen and other facilities make Kobellia an ideal setting.
The Lay Director was Frank Hayes who travelled from Esperance and the Spiritual Director was John Butler. There were 15 pilgrims on the first men's walk and a great time was had by all. The ladies walk was held the following week by the end of that walk we knew that the setting would work perfectly.
The first walk of The Great Southern Community was held in September 2003 and the first men's Lay Director was Tony Van Bruchem and the Spiritual Director was once again John Butler. We had 19 pilgrims and the walk was a great success.

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